Marie Rønningen &

Helene Næss

49er FX


Nicholas Fadler Martinsen & 

Martine Steller Mortensen

Nacra 17


Hermann Tomasgaard

Laser Std

Line Flem Host.jpeg

Line Flem Høst

Laser Radial


Anders Pedersen


Image by Austin Tiffany

Marie Rønningen &

Helene Næss

We are Helene and Marie, from Nøtterøy island, Norway. We teamed up early 2013 and have been sailing together since.

As a team, we bring out the best in each other. To be good at sailing you need to process as much information as possible and make quick decisions based on what you have. We like to think of ourselves as “all-round” sailors, meaning we do well in all types of conditions. Helene and Marie compete in the high performance 49er FX. 

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Nicholas Fadler Martinsen & Martine Steller Mortensen

When the Nacra 17 back in 2012 was the new multi-hull for the Olympics, Nicholas and Martine fell immediately in love with this discipline, and dared to try this adventure completely on their own.

Now, with already one campaign 'under the belt' and the boat upgraded to a full foiling monster machine, the couple from Moss is found more on the boat than in their new apartment.

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Hermann Tomasgaard

Hermann Tomasgaard, comes from Drøbak, in Viken county, Norway. The city is located along the Oslofjord and Hermann has grown up with the sea in his blood. 

Hermann now represents the Royal Norwegian Sailing Association and has been training hard in the lead up to the Olympics. 

Hermann competes in the Laser Standard which is cat rigged, with a single mainsail and is a simple, light and a fast boat to sail. 

Hermann Tomasgaard.jpeg
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Line Flem


Line Flem Høst sails on the national team in Laser Radial. The Laser Radial is a popular one-design class of small sailing dinghy. The Laser Radial is a variant of the Laser standard, with a shorter mast and reduced sail area, allowing light sailors to sail in heavy winds


She has been sailing since she was 7 years old, and now competes in the Olympic class Laser Radial.


Her big dream is a medal in the Olympics and at the Tokyo Olympic Games, she will be looking to show the world her talents and realise this goal.

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Anders Pedersen speciality is the Finnjolle, a single-handed, cat-rigged sailboat. Anders is part of the Drøbaksund Sailing Association located along the Oslofjord. 

Tokyo won't be Anders first Olympics as he competed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016, where he placed 17th in the Finnjolle. With this past experience on his side, Anders will be looking to leave his mark in Tokyo 2021. 

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